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Lviv Region Statistics | Activity of Enterprises
Main TOPICS    

Activity of enterprises

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  • Table Certain activities indicators of business entities (Y)
  • Table Main structural indicators of economic activities of enterprises - legal entities by type of economic activity (Y)
  • Table Financial results of enterprises (Y)

Certain activities indicators of business entities
  Lvivska oblast
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Number of business entities, units                      
all business entities 103517738697445482757117732120442114674110948115553124363128597
legal entities 2034316675173321876218582186281558617933192332048020911
individual entrepreneurs 8317457194571226399599150101814990889301596320103883107686
Number of business entities per 10,000 present population, units                      
all business entities 407291293326464474453438457494513
legal entities 8066687473736271768183
individual entrepreneurs 327225225252391401391367381413430
Number of employed persons, thous. persons                      
all business entities 544.6501.5490.4478.4499.9478.9432.2450.0504.7545.8531.2
legal entities 403.8389.8377.0356.3345.5331.6282.2296.4327.7363.4353.5
individual entrepreneurs 140.8111.7113.4122.1154.4147.3150.0153.6177.0182.4177.7
Number of employees persons, thous. persons                      
all business entities 456.2440.0428.7408.2394.1370.3329.0351.7403.9433.4419.7
legal entities 398.5385.5372.4350.1338.8324.9278.1291.2323.2354.9349.7
individual entrepreneurs 57.754.556.358.155.345.450.960.580.778.570.0
Volume of products (goods and services) sold, mln UAH                      
all business entities 109323.6131608.4143510.9144168.0166394.0207671.8235956.5301741.2401549.3466673.3508868.6
legal entities 98047.1122339.7131984.6131081.6149707.9183102.3204777.8262305.2350762.5406547.6440679.9
individual entrepreneurs 11276.59268.711526.313086.416686.124569.531178.739436.050786.860125.768188.7
Information on the individual entrepreneurs formed on the basis of data of the State Tax Service of Ukraine.
Excluding data of banks and state-financed institutions.

The list of settlements of administrative-territorial division (variable Territory) is presented in transliteration.

The English version of some transliterated Ukrainian words is presented below:
Region = rehion / oblast

Main structural indicators of economic activities of enterprises - legal entities
  Lvivska oblast
Number of enterprises, units Number of employed persons, persons Volume of sold products (goods and services) excluding VAT, mln UAH
2018 2019 2020 2018 2019 2020 2018 2019 2020
Total 192332048020911327677363432353520350762.5406547.6440679.9
Agriculture, forestry and fisheries 14351404144714448141041300419894.222394.922902.9
Industry 276329423032128258128060126172135277.1137949.3150211.6
Construction 18312039208418190225592071318225.524937.324779.1
Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles 500352295465629406849367059139159.4158925.2186550.3
Transportation, storage, postal and courier activities 77384785418827203371949111445.026858.617219.9
Accommodation and food service activities 73679779297671057886642509.12692.31426.7
Information and telecommunications 8529309545736639360377685.59881.810806.2
Financial and insurance activities 1421491627669671032723.71026.11005.6
Real estate activities 2407259325131185711263101215928.66910.66991.7
Professional, scientific and technical activities 1414151915488760911689683159.93394.73454.8
Administrative and support service activities 1006107010911422115952156953744.84814.75363.3
Education 148164180182019992226234.7289.1345.4
Human health and social work activities 3944684742978051057522352414.85866.99316.6
Arts, sport, entertainment and recreation 939997150715581311222.1440.5160.0
Other service activities 236230218800996792138.1165.6145.8
Excluding data of banks and state-financed institutions.
Data are given according to the National Classifier of Ukraine DK 009:2010 "Classification of Types of Economic Activity".

The list of settlements of administrative-territorial division (variable Territory) is presented in transliteration.

The English version of some transliterated Ukrainian words is presented below:
Region = rehion / oblast

Financial results of enterprises
  Lvivska oblast
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Financial results of enterprises before taxation, mln UAH                      
  profit 3861.94911.55521.26122.17146.19073.310869.513662.117534.423097.720031.2
  loss 3334.82790.73277.53454.315968.616564.69198.19084.69372.813368.417563.2
  balance (-) 527.12120.82243.72667.8-8822.5-7491.31671.44577.58161.69729.32468.0
Share of profitable enterprises, in % to total number of enterprises 38.338.237.335.234.025.526.327.926.326.729.9
Profitability of the operating activity, %
Excluding data of banks and state-financed institutions. For 2000-2008 - pretax financial result from ordinary activities (profit,loss).

The list of settlements of administrative-territorial division (variable Territory) is presented in transliteration.

The English version of some transliterated Ukrainian words is presented below:
Region = rehion / oblast

  • Graph Contribution of individual entrepreneurs to the main structural indicators of the activities of business entities (Y)
  • Graph Volume of products sold by enterprises by type of economic activity (Y)
  • Graph Share of small businesses in economy of Lviv region (Y)

(Y,Q,M) - time interval : (Year, Quarter, Month )
ENTREPRENEURSHIP - as independent, proactive, systematic, one’s own risk economic activity carried out by business entities to achieve economic and social benefits and profit.
BUSINESS ENTITIES - participants of economic relationships that carry out economic activity, exercising their economic competence (the integrity of economic rights and obligations), have separate property and suffer liability by their obligations within this property, except for cases, envisaged by the law.
Enterprises – depending on a number of employees and the volume of annual revenue may be classified as small (micro), medium-sized or big enterprises, in accordance with the Commercial Code of Ukraine 22 March 2012.
ENTERPRISE (LEGAL ENTITY) - (here and thereafter enterprise) independent business entity set up by a competent state authority or local government, or other parties for the purpose of satisfaction of public or personal needs through regular production, academic and research, trade, and other activity in keeping with the procedure established by the Commercial Code and other laws. An enterprise not have other incorporated legal entities but shall be entitled to set up their affiliates (divisions), representative offices without establishing a legal entity.
INDIVIDUAL ENTREPRENEURS - a natural person registered under a stated order with the purpose to realize an entrepreneurial activity.
INSTITUTIONAL APPROACH - is a way of generalizing data, according to which the indicators of all types of economic activity of the subject are taken into account in the reports on the type of economic activity, which is defined as the main one.
PRINCIPAL ACTIVITY - activity which contributes most to the total value added of the entity under consideration. The principal activity so identified does not necessarily account for 50% or more of the entity's total value added. In practice due hard to calculate value added at each enterprise by type of activity using the following indicators:
-value sold production,
-the average number of employees
-labour cost, by each type of activity
NUMBER OF EMPLOYED WORKERS - is determined taking into account regular, self-employed and unpaid (owners, founders of the company and their family members) employees of the enterprise
NUMBER OF HIRED WORKERS (EMPLOYEES) - include average number of on a full-time basis and self-employed (working under civil contracts and on a external part-time basis) employees of the enterprise.
PERSONNEL COSTS - consist of:
- labor payment costs, which include accrued wages and salaries according to fixed salary and tariffs, bonuses and incentives, material aid, benefits, compensation, vacation pay and other time not worked, other labor costs,
- social security contributions for compulsory state social insurance of employees of the enterprise, paid by the employer.
PERSONNEL COSTS - is determined by the sale price of the shipped finished products (goods, services), which is stated in the executed documents as the basis for settlement (charges) with the buyers (customers) (including products (goods, services) under a barter contract) excluding VAT.
FINANCIAL RESOURCES - are funds (own and borrowed) of economic entities that are at their disposal and intended to meet obligations and production costs.
- is the difference between revenues and the costs of products minus the VAT and excersises
- is the algebraic sum of gross profit/loss from operating activities, other operating income, administrative expenses, selling expenses and other operating expenses.
PROFITABILITY LEVEL OF OPERATING ACTIVITIES - is calculated as a ratio of financial results of operating activities to operating activities costs of enterprises.
OTHER OPERATING INCOME - is the sum of other operating income of the enterprise, except gains/losses from disposals, interest income, dividend income, etc.
OPERATING EXPENSE - costs include manufacture cost of products sold (works, services) or cost of goods sold, overhead costs associated with the management and maintenance of the enterprise, costs associated with the sale of products (goods), cost of inventories sold, doubtful debts and losses from depreciation of inventories, losses from operating exchange differences, recognized economic sanctions, deductions to ensure subsequent operating costs, as well as all other costs arising in the course of operating activities of the enterprise.
CURRENT LIABILITIES - debts or obligations that are due to be paid to creditors within the enterprise's operating cycle or within the next 12 months, since data balance sheet start.
FUNDS AND THEIR EQUIVALENTS - equivalents - are short-term highly liquid financial investments that are easily convertible to certain amounts of funds and that are subject to an insignificant risk of changes in value
FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS - asset or resources owned by enterprise in anticipation it will generate income (interest payments, dividends), an increase in the cost of capital or for other benefits to the investing enterprise.


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