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Geopolitical characteristics

L'viv oblast (region) is located in the western part of Ukraine.

Area 21.8 thsd. km2
from north to south 240 km
from west to east 210 km
Extreme points
north v.Pisochne, Sokal district (24 08'E. and 50 46'N)
south v.Yalynkuvate, Skole district (23 28'E. and 48 45'N)
west v.Mihove, Sambir district (22 43'E. and 49 31'N)
east v.Dudyn, Brody district (25 30'E. and 49 56'N)
Length of border
with Poland 258 km
with Volyn' region 120 km
with Rivne region 52 km
with Ternopil' region 122 km
with Ivano-Frankivs'ka region 218 km
with Zhakarpats'ka region 84 km
Distance from L'viv to Kyiv
545 km of road traffic
575 km railway
Lviv region

On the territory of the region one distinguishes five natural regions: the Ukrainian Carpathians and the surrounding them Carpathian Foothills (Peredkarpattia) – in the south, Podil's'ka Upland (Podil's'ka Vysochyna) – in the central part, Male Polissia and Volhynian Upland (Volyns'ka Vysochyna) – to the north.

The region is located in three zones: forest, steppe, foothills and mountainous areas of the Carpathians. Forests cover almost a one third of the total region area.

The highest peaks
Pikuy 1408 m
Magura 1362 m
Parashka 1268 m

Through the region runs the Main European watershed between the basins of the Black and Baltic seas, flow 8950 rivers, of which 216 over 10 km in length.

The largest rivers (the length within the region)
Dniester 299 km
Western Bug 202 km

Natural resources are rich in coal, sulfur, peat, potash and sodium chloride and various deposits of minerals used in construction materials. The special richness of its land resources are deposits of curative mineral waters. In the regions there are such famous resorts: Truskavets', Morshyn, Shklo, Nemyriv, Skhidnytsya.

The climate of L'viv region is continental with high humidity.

Land area is divided into 20 districts, 9 cities of regional importance, 35 intra-city districts of L'viv.

In 44 cities, 34 urban type settlements and 1850 villages on January 1, 2018 have lived 2529,6 thsd. people, or 6.0% of the total population of Ukraine.

The population density of the region is 115,9 people per square kilometre.
Contribution to the Lviv region in the national indicators
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